Why is coaching “the ultimate secret weapon”?

Sometimes business leaders, managers, and revenue producers can be their own worst enemies. They may stand in the way of their own success by forming bad habits, focusing on the wrong priorities, and taking their foot off the gas when they begin to establish momentum. Even the most experienced, most accomplished business people can fall victim to these common success inhibitors.

If bad habits are the poison, then coaching is the antidote. Coaches help their clients avoid pitfalls associated with the pursuit of success. A good coach provides an added layer of accountability, instruction, and guidance which is personalized to the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

IMPACT Coaching is available in 1 on 1 and Group settings.

1 on 1 Coaching offers people the opportunity to work exclusively with an experienced, knowledgeable, and motivational coaching associate. 1 on 1 coaching contracts are available for terms of 6, 9, or 12 months with sessions occurring biweekly or monthly. Coaching sessions are typically 45 minutes in duration and are conducted over the phone or via live videoconferencing.

Group Coaching is available for multiple employees and/or managers within the same company, or within certain IMPACT Coaching Communities (for example, graduates of one of our IMPACT Training Series). Group coaching rates, terms, and sessions vary according to the objectives of the client, and can be conducted over the phone, in person, or via live videoconferencing.

IMPACT coaches are qualified according to strict professional standards, and have long track records of consistent performance at the highest level in their respective fields. Prior to becoming a coach, all associates complete IMPACT’s Coaching Associate Training Program, and must master our proprietary IMPACT Coaching System. Finally, coaching associates complete a Coaching Apprenticeship with a Senior Coach, or with our Principal.

For more information on coaching with IMPACT, or to learn more about become an IMPACT Coaching Associate, please contact us

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