Do any of these problems affect your company?

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If so, you’re not alone. Any company can thrive when markets are bullish and the economy is booming. But when times are tough, it takes a special organization to make it through. IMPACT can help you implement solutions that will make a sustainable difference in your organization and position it for growth as the economy improves.

Using our proprietary consulting methodology, IMPACT will first help you evaluate your current business environment then suggest logical, easy-to-implement solutions that will create a noticeable improvement in your employees’ performance and your company’s productivity.

When working with consulting clients, our advisers follow a proprietary system called The I.M.P.A.C.T. Method, consisting of the following steps:


The IMPACT adviser becomes “immersed” in the operations and culture of the enterprise through employee interaction and observation, sales and service call ride-alongs, manager interviews, and attendance at company meetings.


When one looks at an object through a magnifying glass, they are able to see details that are otherwise not visible. The IMPACT adviser looks at the client’s organization through a virtual “magnifying glass” with a well-trained eye, and is able to identify specific, relevant details that are pertinent to the client’s business. During this process, strengths and weaknesses are identified and notated.


After the initial discovery work is complete, the adviser compiles and processes all data (both quantitative and qualitative), and uses that data to generate an in-depth assessment of the client’s current situation. Typical output may include Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis, employee evaluations, and other forms of reporting depending on the situation and the scope & objectives of the engagement. The discoveries made in this step are extremely valuable from a managerial perspective.


Before any meaningful action can be taken in terms of training and/or process development, we obtain “buy-in” from those involved and affected. This includes all levels of employees from junior staff, to middle management, to executive leadership. People are usually more open to change and instruction when they understand the “why” behind the action. Once they buy into the idea, they willingly allow themselves to be coached. Our advisers and our clients work together to determine the best way to proceed with this, taking into account the varying situations, personalities, and experience of staff members. In order to get the most out of this experience, company personnel must have an open mind and be in alignment with the goals of the undertaking.


Based on the results of our initial discovery work and client feedback, the IMPACT adviser creates a customized overhaul program.

Take Action

Now comes the implementation phase of the engagement. Implementation is typically structured around two main areas… process development and instruction. In the process development portion of this step, IMPACT works with management to devise and execute effective systems that address the most pressing needs uncovered during discovery. In addition to introducing improved systems and processes, IMPACT may conduct a customized high energy, interactive training seminar onsite for appropriate staff members. After the training seminar, the adviser continues to follow up with management, and can be retained for individual or group coaching at the request of the client.

Consulting services from IMPACT Advisory Group will take your company’s sales performance to new heights!