At IMPACT, our core beliefs form the basis of our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our enterprise. We strive to be the kind of company that people want to do business with and work for.

Our Philosophy on…


Consulting is an extremely helpful tool which can benefit leaders of any organization, no matter how well they are currently performing. Experienced consultants provide valuabe third party perspective on your organization, identifying critical (and often overlooked) opportunities to improve. IMPACT consultants are NOT there to tell you how to do your job. Instead, we are there to help you and your team members achieve your goals. We help underperforming teams turn things around quickly and permanently, and we also help high performing teams reach their full potential. (In fact, we believe that the BEST time to work with a consultant is when things are already going well!)


Even the sharpest blade needs honing from time to time. IMPACT’s philosophy on training begins with the premise that true wisdom comes to those who remain humble and continually seek knowledge. The most successful business people in the world invest regularly in their own development, always looking to better themselves. Our approach to training takes into consideration the uniquely valuable experiences of each of our trainees. IMPACT trainers create learning environments that are highly conducive to growth, where trainees are free to share ideas with each other, and even challenge the ideas of the trainer. Each IMPACT training course follows our proprietary training system, yet no two classes are exactly the same!

Revenue Growth.

We believe that if a company stops growing, it’s dying. At IMPACT, we help companies increase the individual performance of their revenue producers, strengthen the leadership abilities of their managers, penetrate existing markets more deeply, and discover previously untapped streams of revenue. The attainment of these objectives allows companies to overcome the challenge of creating organic growth when economic conditions are less than favorable. As the economy improves, our clients experience accelerated growth.

Business Ethics.

We all face dilemmas that force us to choose between doing what’s EASY and doing what’s RIGHT. Ethical missteps leave customers disappointed and reputations blemished. At IMPACT, we strive not only to do right by our own clients, but we also focus specifically on ethics in our training and consulting engagements. If you value the reputation of your organization, and if you want to maintain trust between you and your clients, you will be pleased to know that we take these matters very seriously at IMPACT!

Helping Others.

We believe that in order to succeed, we must first help others succeed. At IMPACT we feel that the best way to expand one’s network, create strategic partnersips, and cultivate business leads is to do so in the service of others.