Shared Service & Global Business Services Advisory

Impact Advisory working in association with Dentons understands the need for Shared Services and Global Business Services (GBS) to achieve strong growth optimization and transformation in a wide range of areas that are strongly interlinked with each other.

Impact Advisory and its network of trusted partners have the necessary resources and the highest level of expertise to deliver the latest GBS developments available in order to accomplish your goals. Our team of wellrecognized experts has grown from former Big 4 leaders and consultants, offering end-to-end solutions for the sector based on long term experience. We divide our services in three main service lines to support you on your GBS journey: “Build & Optimize”, “People & Work” and “Automate & Develop”.

Whether you want to build a greenfield organization or have an established GBS that requires optimization, we have the competence to support you. We see that many organizations struggle to build the right foundation for their GBS, fail to determine the right operating model, under-perform on preset benefit realization, and are lagging behind in standardization and transformation during and after establishment. Consequently, their GBS is not built optimally to deliver up to its full potential both in terms of scope and process maturity, ability to deliver strategic advantages, and capability to contribute to value creation for their organizations.

People and the organizations they are operating are changing rapidly and a continuous change in the requirements of employees in a competitive market is fueling attrition and pressure on knowledge retention. In addition, the automation changes that are being embraced by companies require different ways of working and a new capability matrix. The manner in which GBS organizations recruit, train and manage talent has also been subject to significant transformations, in order to keep in line with the changing environment, as knowledge requirements change rapidly and a culture of continuous learning becomes more crucial.

Automation is gathering pace on a global scale and in most industries, and its application is a key item on the agenda of GBS leaders. At the same time, organizations often undertake related initiatives without a solid digital strategy, as they cherry-pick opportunities without clearly establishing where automation would best suit their services and the extent to which their organizations are ready for such initiatives.