Is your company, agency, or non-profit looking to improve the performance and productivity of your team members? IMPACT’s Corporate Training Solutions team is ready to help you make it happen! Most of our clients already have some form of internal training in place, but they hire IMPACT to assist with specific objectives relevant to revenue growth, professional development, personal enrichment, performance improvement, leadership training, customer service, and corporate culture. IMPACT offers customized training curricula based on the specific needs of our clients. Some training engagements are singular topical workshops, and other engagements may be ongoing, covering a variety of topics in multiple sessions for various groups of staff, managers, service personnel, sales reps, or executives. Get ready to observe higher self-confidence, better employee morale, elevated performance, improved teamwork and interpersonal communication, and most importantly, a healthier bottom line. Call us for a free consultation today!
Consumers make some of the biggest and most important decisions of their lives sitting “eyeball to eyeball and belly to belly” with a sales rep at their kitchen table… Some examples include insurance, real estate, personal finances, home security, house repairs and remodeling, and a variety of everyday items from nutritional supplements to household appliances.Many consider direct sales to be the purest form of selling, particularly because of the unique challenges inherent to selling in people’s homes. Customers often put up bigger barriers because of the discomfort of having a stranger in their home and the frequent need to disclose personal financial information. The “RevenuPro B2C” Sales Training Seminar Series by IMPACT is designed to help sales reps and sole proprietors in the direct selling field to become more effective at the most important elements of B2C sales: Canvassing and Lead Generation, Establishing Need, Showing Value, Competitive Differentiation, Creating Urgency, Closing Confidently, and Obtaining Customer Referrals.
Gatekeepers. Budget concerns. RFP responses. Competitive bids. “No soliciting” signs. Long sales cycles. Unreturned phone calls. Emails ignored. Influencers and decision makers. Deals going from hot to cold without warning… Such are the realities of business-to-business (B2B) selling in the information age. Everyday challenges like these make it hard to accurately forecast and consistently produce revenue, but there are ways to overcome these obstacles and shatter your sales goals every month! The “RevenuPro B2B” Sales Training Seminar Series by IMPACT is designed specifically to help business to business sales professionals discover more sales opportunities and convert a higher percentage of those opportunities into signed contracts. IMPACT’s business to business sales training is available in modular or customized formats. Call us today for a free initial consultation!